Top Ten Portrait Tips

Terry’s Top Tips – Top Ten Portrait Tips

Portraits are best taken when they capture the personality and character of the subject. It’s a great time to capture family and loved ones at the special event or gathering. You can craft a portrait or simply be ready and alert to snap a candid expression that captures the moment.

1. Natural light and low contrast is always best.
2. Most portraits are best shot with a shallow depth of field.
3. Composition is critical and I find that a vertical frame is best when shooting individuals.
4. Look to frame your subject on either the left or right third and fill two-thirds of the frame.
5. Crop tightly and use an 80mm to 120mm lens.
6. Watch out for distracting backgrounds. I see so many photos with poles or branches popping out from behind the subject!
7. Use your flash subtly to fill in the shadows if your subject is in shade.
8. When taking candid photos of young children, let them have fun and don’t interrupt them. Just capture the natural expression as they play.
9. Encourage the person/s to relax and be themselves.
10. Consider if continuous shooting ( burst capture multiple shots) is needed. I use single shot for older people but watch their eyes and how often they blink.