Shooting Sunsets

Terry’s Top Tips – Shooting Sunsets

Photographers love to capture the dramatic changes in light as the sun slips away into the darkness. The twilight is often referred to as the Golden Hour as the rich yellow tones of the sun reach out across the sky.

Get there early and walk around to appreciate the very best vantage point. The foreground and background subject, where the sun will be and the better angle to shoot from.

Ideally, you are shooting on full manual exposure and a very low ISO ( 50-200). You will need a sturdy tripod and a wider angle lens. If you have ND filters in your kit, I find these are great to use in the late afternoon sun to slow down the exposure time.

As you can see from my images I believe that landscapes and sunsets can often be captured in a portrait composition. When shooting in either composition, be aware that your horizon line should be either in the top or bottom third of the frame. Having your horizon line in the middle of the frame won’t work well in most photographic situations.

Set your aperture to around F(8) or F(11) to deliver depth & sharpness and allow your shutter to vary as it chases the setting sun.