Shooting an Event or Celebration

Terry’s Top Tips – Shooting an Event or Celebration

So many fun events and experiences in life; so remember the moment with some great photos. Always try to get up close and shoot wide when possible but always respect what is going on and not get in the way or interrupt what is happening.

Always remain candid and try and avoid flash. If you are in low light, look at increasing the ISO. I find auto ISO is good but sometimes it is better to select the optimum ISO manually. The tip here is that a higher ISO will allow a faster shutter speed and this can be critical at parties or low light events. You do want a shutter speed around 80-100 as a minimum. General photographers will be happy with leaving the camera on the `P’ (Program) capture mode unless you understand all the settings.

If you are attending a wedding or graduation always be ready to take a photo that the official photographer is setting up. You may just be in a better spot!

Some functions do last a long time so if you want to take lots of photos you should take an extra battery or the battery charger. Always carry a spare memory card too.