Featured Photography Student – Paul D’Ambra

I started taking photos as a teenager using film and over the years have progressed to digital. Terry from NPTC helped add fuel to my passion and I attended a Basic & Advanced class a couple of years ago. Terry has since given me tips and advice when I needed it & have started progressing to full camera control and manual exposure.

I’ve developed a unique style which is very candid, up close and personal capturing people’s moments filling the frame and not being scared to crop tightly, I apply similar techniques to my car photography and have learnt other composition ideas from Terry at NPTC as well as places like Instagram. I love using natural light as much as possible.

Late in 2015 I decided to offer my photography services professional, so I created my own small business La Lente Photography, and have enjoyed every moment while still learning new things along the way with Terry at NPTC as well as from other photographers.