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Aperture & Shallow Depth of Field

Terry's Top Tips - Aperture & Shallow Depth of Field Blurring the background ( and foreground) enhances the images and makes the subject really dominate in photographs. This blurry effects is technically known as a shallow depth of field or Bokeh. The best way to capture photos with this effect if [...]

Shooting Sunsets

Terry’s Top Tips – Shooting Sunsets Photographers love to capture the dramatic changes in light as the sun slips away into the darkness. The twilight is often referred to as the Golden Hour as the rich yellow tones of the sun reach out across the sky. Get there early [...]

Top Ten Portrait Tips

Terry’s Top Tips – Top Ten Portrait Tips Portraits are best taken when they capture the personality and character of the subject. It’s a great time to capture family and loved ones at the special event or gathering. You can craft a portrait or simply be ready and alert [...]