Aperture & Shallow Depth of Field

Terry’s Top Tips – Aperture & Shallow Depth of Field

Blurring the background ( and foreground) enhances the images and makes the subject really dominate in photographs. This blurry effects is technically known as a shallow depth of field or Bokeh. The best way to capture photos with this effect if to set your camera to aperture priority. It is the `A’ or `Av’ setting on your speed dial capture mode and you want to shoot with a small f-number. The choice of f-number is dependant upon the quality of your lens and how shallow you want your focus area to be.

Advanced photographers also are aware that there is a relationship between the f-stop, the focal length and the distance between them and the subject. The further away the subject is, the shallower the bokeh will be when using a longer zoom.

Always remember that you must focus on your subject and the bokeh will be influenced by the focal length and aperture setting. Check your camera focus area setting and choose a spot or dynamic selection for people photography or enjoy manual focus with close up, macro photography.