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Great intro course,lots of info but did not feel like too much and the day did not drag on.
Had a great day and learnt heaps. Well worth my money and time. Would go again anytime.
Thanks again. I finally feel like I have made more progress. No more auto for me!!
I’ve learnt more in 3 hours about photography than I have all year at school.
Wow, this class is great value. Its only lunchtime and I’ve already got my moneys worth.
Comprehensive for the purposes it is designed for and very informative!
Thanks for the really interesting lesson, it was very helpful!
Thank you very much for the amazingly informative DSLR beginner course on Saturday. I’d like to book the other course you offered
Pace was good and covered a lot in the time, Thanks again.
Just wanted to thank you for the course last week, I learnt heaps and have already started putting some of the techniques into practice.
Saturday was soooo much fun I had such a great time and you were a great teacher!
Thanks again for a great introduction to photography and getting the most out of my camera (the hybrid Nikon)
Plenty of information which was well organised with helpful examples and lots of hands-on practice time. He was extremely open to and patient with questions from all group membersVery good value for money!
Nice to have met you last Saturday and thank you for a extremely practical DSLR day. I think the penny (as they say) is slowly dropping!
I am walking away feeling quite confident. Its nice to have good notes to take home and look over again later.
I was one of the happy participants at the digital camera conducted in August which I enjoyed and found very useful. Thanks Terry!
I attended the training last Saturday and Sunday went out to try what I had learned. Wow! What a difference, the photos were really great.
I was in your class last night and I really had a great time. I learnt so much and I feel a lot more confident with my camera now. Thank you!
I recently attended your photo instruction courses at both the National Trust Building and the twilight course in Sydney. The courses were great and very informative and I learnt a great deal and came away feeling a lot more confident about using the various setting on my camera. In fact if you run any new courses I would be interested in attending. Thanks again for the great courses.
Wow what a course!(Lens & Sunset) I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Terry is a wealth of knowledge and his passion in sharing this is clearly demonstrated throughout the day�s activities. I would recommend ANY of his courses whether you are a beginner or more advanced photographer. I swear I will never have my camera set to “Auto” again. Thanks Terry.
Loved the course today, learnt an awful lot. Will be recommending to friends and hope to get another one of the courses sometime soon. I have photos on my site if you want to throw any tips my way regarding my work to date. I look forward to them getting a lot better as of today!
Many thanks for a fantastic DSLR course on Saturday. I learned more in one day than I’ve learned in a year of tinkering around with my camera on my own. What an epiphany! Now I just need to practice, practice, practice. I’ll certainly recommend you to all my friends. Many thanks!
Thanks again for a great day on Sunday (24 July). Got a fair amount of good,’to the point’ shooting advice. Really looking forward to the Twilight Course, which i hope to got on in the coming months. Will definitely be staying off the auto selection from now on.
I was in your class yesterday and just couldn’t get the concept of shutter speed. The slow cooked roast analogy was wasted on me. I left a little confused and frustrated that i couldn’t grasp it but this morning I saw this picture, on another FB page! TAH DAH! The penny dropped! I was able to look at it and work out what settings may of been used. I’m thinking wide dof (f16 landscape sweet spot), outside shot =low iso for concentration of colors and slow shutter speed to soak up all those flavours/colors! Brilliant…..now to get cooking and practice the art. Thank you!
I have been mucking around with DSLR photography for some years now and found your DSLR1 an eye opener in many respects.You revealed a lot of things I did not even know about my DSLR that could help my photography and at the same time reinforced my understanding of many of the things that I did know or had put in the back of my mind, forgotten through disuse.Looking forward to trying to put it all into practice and hopefully improving some of those “could have been better” shots.All the best.